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By registering on www.umucyo.rw, you agree to be bound by all commercial and electronic laws and regulations in force in Rwanda, especially the following:

  1. Law N° 12/2007 of 29/03/2007 on Public Procurement
  2. Ministerial Order n°001/08/10/MIN of 16/01/2008 establishing regulations on Public Procurement and standard bidding documents
  3. Law N°05/2013 of 13/02/2013 modifying and completing the Law n°12/2007 of 27/03/2007 on Public Procurement
  4. Ministerial Order N° 001/14/10/TC of 19/02/2014 establishing regulations on Public Procurement, standard bidding documents and standard contracts
  5. Law Nº 18/2010 of 12/05/2010 relating to electronic messages, electronic signatures and electronic transactions

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